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Simple TV Display

Simple TV Display (released as No Sleep Webpage TV) is an easy way to turn a monitor or tv into digital signage with your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick without the screensaver taking over the screen. The app allows you to display a full screen webpage, and image, or a video. You can download the image or video to your Amazon Fire device so the app works even if you do not have access to a good connection. A few examples for use cases would be building directories, restaurant menus, lobby displays, or use at a conference or tradeshow.

There are many other ways to use NoSleepWebpageTV, you just need to dream them up. I personally use mine to display my family’s weekly schedule on a monitor in my house.

From a technical standpoint what the app does is pretty straightforward. It displays a 16:9 view of any url you point it to, and then as the name so eloquently suggests, does not let the Fire TV screensaver kick in so the webpage will continue to display without interruption. The user also has the option to set a refresh rate on the webpage, so if you’re displaying live data the page can stay current.

The difference between Simple TV Display and other similar services is the ease of use and cost. A non-technical person can easily use the service. You don’t need to know how to setup servers, use complicated templates or even how to build a webpage. The Simple TV Display app costs $9.99 USD as a one time, non-subscription fee. To get setup, all you do is download, open the app, and enter a URL, and you’re off.

Wedding Pictures


The absolute easiest (and non-technical) way to build a really awesome display for Simple TV Display is to create an image. You (or an artist if you have one handy) can make a 16:9 ratio image (1920px x1080px or we suggest 3840px x2160px), upload that image to a service like Imgur or a Google Drive (make sure the image link is shareable to anyone who can view it) and then point the Simple TV Display app towards that URL. It’s that simple to create a beautiful display on a monitor, with any image or info you want.

If you use Google Drive, you can update that image regularly without changing the URL by uploading a new version of an exactly named image to replace the previous. This would allow you to have a constantly updating tv display.

  1. You or an artist build an 16:9 image of anything you’d like to display (3840px x 2160px recommended).
  2. Upload the image to an image storage service like Imgur or Google Drive
  3. Open Simple TV Display and make the URL the same as where you posted your image.
  4. Set a refresh rate (likely Never, or maybe 24hours if you will be updating the image)

Helpful Hint: If you replace the image with an update at the exact same URL (an example would be using versions in Google Drive or on your own webpage) and set a refresh rate, you’re digital board will update on refresh giving you a “live display.”

Lobby Directory


If you have the technical skills another way to give yourself more flexibility and control with Simple TV Display is to point the URL in the app to a custom webpage. Simple TV Display will only display the first 16:9 of your webpage so we strongly encourage you build your content into that view. Set your refresh rate, and you’re good to go.

Build your content on a webpage into a 16:9 ratio viewport at the top of a webpage Open the Simple TV Display app and point the URL towards the custom webpage Set the refresh rate.

Helpful hint: You won’t need menu’s or buttons on your custom webpage as they will not be clickable. Save the space and possible confusion in the UI

Helpful hint: If you don’t want to build a custom site, or don’t have the technical skills, you can use a website builder like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. The NoSleepWebpageTV will display the first 16:9 ratio (above the fold) of the site. These sites will allow you to build a no-scroll page into this view.


Another unique way to use Simple TV Display is to set up a home security monitor. Just add the address of an IP based camera in the app and view it on your screen.